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Please look for a revised second edition (WebBook & limited print run) of The Music of Hands out now (February 2019), both published by Seven CirclePress!
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"Man folds me along the edges," Theresa Senato Edwards writes, "like fresh linen mother placed in dresser drawers." Edwards' poetry is a brave and endearing exploration in the meaning of womanhood in contemporary America. To write as a woman is to be political; and through her crisp language and sharp imagery, this book [The Music of Hands, first ed.]

leaves nothing unturned.                                                                 ~ Ocean Vuong

Theresa Senato Edwards' poems [in Voices Through Skin] bring to mind Georgia O'Keefe's evocative flower paintings. However, in their journey between mind and body, the petals have withered; the colors have fractured into becoming even more fervent in their desire to live after being touched by loss and anguish.                                                                          ~ Arlene Ang

Lori Schreiner's portraits and Theresa Senato Edwards' poems [in Painting Czeslawa Kwoka ~ Honoring Children of the Holocaust] give voice to the voiceless, the silenced children of the Holocaust. Schreiner and Edwards pay homage through simple, human gestures of art and poetry. This is a powerfully illuminating and memorable work, haunting in its intensity.                                                                                                                       ~ Ivy Alvarez

I truly enjoyed reading and mulling over Theresa Senato Edwards' carefully constructed short lines within this lovingly rendered 24-page story poem [Green], focusing on small but unique and impactful family memories of old plants growing inside new eyes, of "blood spots seeping through / the indexes," of a youthful mind's ever growing library: parts of the stacks rising and evolving, parts of the stacks worried about losing their vibrancy, growing stale, and falling down.                                                                        ~ Juliet Cook


Background photo by Carolyn Valvano

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